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Dr. Jory Westberry

Thank you to my supporters.
I wish the best for our students and staff. 


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"Re-elect incumbents for Collier schools"

The upcoming school board election in Collier County may determine whether we build on the successes of the current school board or make changes that have not been clearly outlined by those challenging the incumbents. The current board has recognized that the pandemic has impacted students in the areas of academic progress, social skills and mental health.


The greatest impact has been on the most vulnerable student population. These students experienced the trauma of parents who lost jobs, housing, or had front line positions where they faced exposure and hostility over masking. They worried about family members who became ill, were hospitalized or succumbed to the virus.


Additionally, Collier County faces shortages of teachers who are leaving because of pandemic exhaustion, low pay, disrespect for their profession and the increasing friction of culture wars. Race, gender and history have been weaponized resulting in confusion and chaos in the classroom. Facing these issues requires interpersonal skills, knowledge, experience and an absence of a personal or political agenda.

Many of the candidates challenging the incumbents seem driven by a political agenda that is more interested in being politically correct then education, professionalism and competence.


Let's re-elect the incumbents who have demonstrated their determination to strive for the best education for all students, focusing on knowledge, problem-solving and setting and achieving goals. Elect Jen Mitchell, Roy Terry and Jory Westberry.


-Patricia Howard, Naples

"Lies of a highly politicized minority"

Truth matters. The truth is that the incumbent Collier County School Board members — Jory Westberry, Jen Mitchell, and Roy Terry — have proven their ability to serve our students and community with expertise, character, and commitment. They have maintained the district’s A-rating through the most challenging of times.

Lies hurt us all. The nature and extent of the lies and misinformation being spread about the incumbents, the superintendent, and what is happening in our schools strain credulity. Indeed, the accusations are so absurd as to be unbelievable to any thinking person. The fact that there is big money spreading these lies harms the reputation of our community. The loud voices of a highly politicized minority suggest to the rest of the world that instead of being the “best place to live,” as we are often designated, we are becoming a caricature of the worst of America today.

Do not believe the lies. Do your research. You will find that the record of the incumbents more than qualifies them to continue to serve. We need their experience and leadership, and they need our votes. Re-elect Westberry, Mitchell, and Terry. Tell your friends and neighbors and anyone else who believes in public education to do the same, regardless of whether you or they have children in the schools. The quality of our community depends upon our public schools; the quality of our public schools depends upon those who lead them. Vote for the leaders we need.

-Rev. Dr. Sharon Harris-Ewing, Naples

Jory Westberry for Collier schools

As a 35-year veteran teacher (29 years in Collier County), I would like to add my voice to that of my wife (39 years, 26 in Collier County) in support of Dr. Jory Westberry’s candidacy for re-election to the school board.

She was a Golden Apple teacher in public schools in Collier County, having come here from Wyoming, where she was a leader in gifted-and-talented education. Her dedication and leadership skills led her to highly successful tenures as assistant principal at Golden Gate Elementary and as principal of Tommy Barfield Elementary.

To this stellar resume, add her four years’ experience on the Collier County School Board and her family’s life-long commitment to public school education: Her husband was a Collier County program specialist and school administrator, and her son is currently the middle and high school science coordinator for this district.  No other candidate can offer such a wealth of wisdom and expertise.

On Election Day, re-elect Dr. Jory Westberry to the District School Board of Collier County.

-Bill Hammond, Boothbay, ME 

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